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Sponsor a Birthday!

Sponsor a birthday party for a youth or teen in Foster or Kinship Care. Youth party $150, Teen Party $175

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Providing birthday parties for children in foster care goes beyond the celebration of their birthdays. It fulfills important emotional, psychological, and social needs that contribute to their overall well-being and development. 

Sense of belonging: Foster children often face feelings of isolation and uncertainty. A birthday party gives them a sense of belonging and knowledge they are part of a community who cares about them.

Celebration and Joy: Birthday parties allow children in care to experience moments of joy, boosting their self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Recognition and Validation: Foster children may have experienced trauma, neglect, or abandonment. A birthday party provides an opportunity to be recognized and validated as an individual deserving of love and attention. 

Positive Memories: Positive memories created through birthday parties can counterbalance challenging experiences these children may have faced, serving as a source of comfort and positivity throughout their lives.

Normalcy and Routine: Foster care can disrupt a child's sense of normalcy and routine. A birthday party provides a structured event that mirrors the celebrations their peers might experience, helping them enjoy a typical childhood experience.

Social Skills and Relationships: Birthday parties offer a chance for foster children to interact with peers and caregivers in a relaxed and festive environment. This interaction helps them develop social skills, build relationships, and establish connections that can be crucial for their development.

Emotional Healing: Celebrating their birthdays can be a step toward healing for foster children who have experienced trauma. It provides a chance to create positive associations and memories associated with birthdays. 

Empowerment: Planning and participating in their own birthday party empowers foster children by giving them a degree of control and agency over their lives, which can be lacking in other areas of their experiences.

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