Non Profit Organization for Kids

As a non profit organization for kids, Kind Hearts for Kids has extensive experience in servicing foster kids in need. We provide gifts for foster kids, including, but not limited to, small gifts, cupcakes, holiday goodie bags, birthday bags, and sunshine boxes. Kind Hearts for Kids is a professional, foster care non profit committed to giving foster kids a positive experience where they feel loved and cared for.

Our goal at Kind Hearts for Kids is to offer foster children an inspirational experience and try to restore happiness in their lives.


Serving Foster Kids 

Children and teens living in foster care, or kinship care with grandparents or other relatives, in our local community, as well as Cape Cod, Plymouth, and New Bedford. 


​How to help our Non Profit for Kids

We are always accepting new items for donation, please see our wish list for suggested items. Kind Hearts for Kids would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our non profit at

Mission Statement:

Kind Hearts for Kids is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization serving vulnerable children and teens living in foster care. We're dedicated to being a compassionate, supportive, and positive influence on these children by celebrating them on their birthdays & holidays, and helping them through challenging times. We engage and bring awareness to their needs through service projects in our local community.


Bourne, MA 02562